Revel & Hearten was established properly in the fall of 2014 in Saint Louis, Mo., but it is the synthesis of encounters with people and places throughout Marcie McKee Sherman's  life.  Marcie is originally from Oxford, Mississippi and has fond memories of gathering pecans and peonies at her Grandparents home in the Mississippi Delta, exploring the woods at Rowan Oak with her siblings and father, and watching from afar her mother and the women of the town host some the most beautiful parties she's ever attended.  She has held onto those experiences dearly.  Marcie went to study photography at Savannah College of Art and Design which exposed her to a lifestyle where creativity, good design and beauty can and should be a part of everyday life.

Her aesthetics have been heavily influenced by her mother's impeccable taste, being a guest at Sunday lunches with French families in Provence,  interning at Domino magazine, beekeeping, various stints of living overseas, studying at L' Abri Fellowship in the English countryside and working with Anthropologie as an in-house artist. Marcie has gleaned from many such rich experiences to give life to Revel & Hearten.  

Revel & Hearten's purpose is to create an effortless and beautiful ambience for any sort of celebratory event, forming an atmosphere where guests feel both welcomed and inspired.  Marcie loves to bring her touch to any sort of celebration, whether it's arranging a vase of campanula, fox gloves and dahlias for your dinner party or creating a wondrous installation piece for your upcoming wedding.  Please don't hesitate to contact R&H  with any ideas for your next gathering.  

Currently, Marcie lives in Saint Louis, Mo.  When she is not floral designing, tending to her overgrown garden or sketching for the next installation piece you can find her strolling in the the botanical gardens with her daughters & husband or hosting dinners for old and new friends.  


REVEL [rev-uhl]- boisterous merrymaking or festivity; revelry  +  HEARTEN [hahr-tn]- to give courage or confidence to; cheer